About Juicy Geography

What's this pretentious rubbish then?

The aim of Juicy Geography is to share some free ideas and resources. That's it really. (Except you won't find any endorsement from DFEs, Specialist Schools Trust, Ofsted, Somerset LEA or anyone else. So it's probably all wrong!) Teachers in Somerset schools are very welcome to free INSET advice on the ideas and materials presented in this web site. In 2008/9 I'm available on Thursdays to work in Somerset schools. Get in touch here.

The feedback and support from all my online colleagues, especially at SLN Geography is gratefully acknowledged.


This site is a non-profit making educational resource. Juicy Geography and the Digital Geography blog are published in my spare time, on my own computer, at my own expense, as a hobby. The advert on the home page does NOT generate any revenue - it supports my department at school.

Other stuff:

If you have found something on the site useful, and could spare a few pence to help contribute to the hosting costs, then feel free to make a donation via Pay Pal. Or just send a picture of your class doing Juicy Geography! That would be really nice.

I make no claims at all for the validity of anything on Juicy Geography. I can't be held responsible for any of the external sites I have linked to. All of the views on the site are personal, and not those of my employers.

Please contact me before re-posting any of the ideas or materials from Juicy Geography. This includes using my work in training materials. While I share my content freely - it's NOT OK for people to make any money off it ;)

About Me

I'm a so-called "Advanced Skills Teacher" currently working in the South West of England. I've been teaching Geography for quite a long time, and delivering INSET on Juicy Geography - type things. I received the RGS Award for "contributions to excellence in the teaching of Geography" in 2003. More recently I've been creating teaching materials for the Action Plan for Geography, and helping the BBC produce "Class Clips" I've also been writing new teaching materials for the revised GCSE.

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