Teaching climate graphs

Here's a really quick idea for teaching KS3 students how to interpret climate graphs.

Introduce the concept using the Interactive Climate Graph website Choose any of the climate graphs by mousing over the hotspots and get students to describe the climate in terms of hot wet cold damp etc. (Note that clicking the hotspot brings up information about the corresponding biome.)

Give out this worksheet and get the students to consider how the imaginary person would describe the climate at the hotspot. Complete the speech bubble accordingly.

The next task is to quickly dress the outlined person in appropriate clothes. Encourage students to add annotation and include appropriate accessories, for example snowshoes in Barrow, Alaska

example of worksheet task

There are six outlines on the sheet; the task works best if you allow just a few minutes to complete each one.

The exercise proved very popular and students were mopre than willing to practice drawing climate graph afterwards. They all appreciated the relevance of the task to packing for a holiday, and it was easy to introduce the concpet of biomes at the same time, using the website.