Evian advert 'Waterboy'

An idea for using the advertisment

Thanks to Alan Parkinson for discovering the Evian advert and posting on the SLN forum.
QuickTime movie download from here.
(12mb) The advert contains several references to the hydrological cycle.


One idea for a lesson activity is to copy the following screenshots, and insert them into a program like Inspiration (or a similar application that allows them to be dragged around on an interactive whiteboard). At a pinch this could be done in Word or Power Point.
The images can be initially arranged as shown in this word document, (2.8mb)
If you have Inspiration, this file contains everything you need!
The images can be downloaded as one zip file.

Activity one: Students have to work out a hydrological term that could be applied to each image. (I've added some suggestions)

Activity two: They then sequence the images on an interactive whiteboard in the order that they might expect to see them appearing in the advert.

Activity three: The advert is played. How might it be changed in order to create a more accurate representation of the hydrological cycle?

It's a great 5 minute starter activity for a lesson. I've added some suggestions for appropriate words next to the images.

evian 1 irrigation?


evian 3 precipitation?

evian 4 evaporation?

evian 5 corrosion?

evian 6 snow and ice?

evian 7 condensation?


evian 9 sea?

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