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How should a farm diversify?

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Orway Porch is a mixed farm near Kentisbeare in East Devon. Click here for a detailed map. This map should be used in conjunction with the farm plan.
In 2004 the farm's livestock included a milking herd of 80 Friesian cows, 150 Devon and Cornwall ewes producing around the same number of lambs and a couple of North Devon bulls, producing around 30 North Devon Friesian cross calves for beef fattening. Crops included maize, potatoes, winter wheat, winter barley and fodder beet.


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Multimap map of Orway Porch

Multimap aerial photo

The Big Sheep
Diversification in action!

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When using these sites, a search for Kentisbeare should help you find the location of the farm, which is 1km SE of the village centre. Grid Ref: ST 079072

The Magic web site is an interactive map and database that lets you plot data such as soil type or land classification. Using this site successfully would indicate very high geographical skill! Start here at the farm map.

Are there any worries about pollution, waste or flooding? The "What's in your backyard?" site will tell you. Ignore the error warning, go to the home page and then click the "what's in my back yard!? link on the right.

With grateful thanks to the farmer, Mr David Snell.