Interactive games

Please send me a link to your interactive Geography game and I'll post it here.

The genius behind it all is Andrew Field at content Visit his site to download Penalty Shootout and other games. Thanks to Russel Tarr of the brilliant Active History for pointing out his recent geographical games

Penalty shootout:

Rivers KS3 by Juicy Geography

Rivers KS3 by Simon Turton

Weather KS3 by Juicy Geography

Weather KS3 by Simon Turton

Italy KS3 by Simon Turton

Coasts KS3 by Simon Turton

South America KS3 by Simon Turton

Earthquakes Year 7 by Mary Cooch

Settlement KS4 by Juicy Geography

Coasts KS4 by C Stubbs

Coasts KS4 by Robert Chambers

Tectonic Activity KS4 by C Stubbs

Population Challenge KS4 by Robert Chambers

Glaciers KS4 by Juicy Geography

Walk the Plank:

Ghana development Year 9 by Mary Cooch

Coasts KS4 by C Stubbs

Tectonic Activity KS4 by C Stubbs

Fling The Teacher

Hill Sheep farming KS4 by Comrade Tony Cassidy Radical Geography

More games from Russel Tarr

The Trading Game:
An interactive simulation designed to teach students about
natural resources and the issues surrounding globalisation

Yr7: Types of Geography

Yr7 Mapwork Quizzes:

Yr8 Coasts Quizzes:

Other resources:

Who wants to be a UK Millionaire? Zip file. Adapted from the template by Mark E Damon
(Extract into a new folder before trying to run the presentation)

Who wants to be a rivers millionaire?

Geography Carpark Catchphrase.(new)