All the Juicy PowerPoints!

This page contains links to all the PowerPoint resources on the site.

Geography Carpark Catchphrase. (new)
The old catchphrase game has been given a new lease of life thanks to the sound effects machine at Chris A big download (8.3mb) Please just download ONCE in order to preserve my download limit!

Urban Morphology
This presentation features the drag and drop macro discussed on SLN here. Use it as a starter activity or expand it yourself. (Unzip before using)

Kinaesthetic PowerPoint
Fully explained on this page.

Geography CatchPhrase
You saw it here first! Limitless potential. AKA seems to be known as Dingbats?

Coastal Erosion
Thousands of years contracted into a moment. How about getting students to annotate it?

Millionaire template
The classic template has been reproduced here in UK format with the original creator's permission. (zip file)

Who wants to be a Rivers Millionaire?
A zip file (extract before using!)

Geology Trail
Designed for a local investigation by the Science Department.

This is part of the SweatShirts game.

Other links

Great ideas including Picture Reveals, nine number picture boards at SLN. More brilliant ideas from Tony Cassidy here