Kinaesthetic PowerPoint!

A somewhat pretentious title! The idea is that you create a map of your classroom in PowerPoint, and then get students to move around in response to changing scenarios. This exercise reinforces several basic population concepts including distribution, density and migration push and pull factors.
Here for example is my classroom: The students work out where they are!

slide 1

A new slide shows the classroom with different environments overlaid. Students must decide which environments to inhabit by moving around the classroom. They must be able to explain their choices when questionned.

slide 2

Time moves on and the presentation develops various scenarios, for example a university town develops on the site of a coal mine, but the river becomes prone to flooding events.

final slide

At the end of the presentation most of the students should have migrated more than once in response to various environmental or economic changes. There is plenty of scope for discussion and development of "what if?" scenarios.

Download example PPT file here. Obviously a new presenatation has to be developed for each classroom!