SWEAT SHIRTS: a role play game

Based in Indonesia, this game explores the garment industry of Bandung, and is suitable for ages 14 and upwards. Please send feedback. Updated 30/10/05 to include links to other role playing resources.


Download resources:

The game v.4 word.doc [Office XP]   [Office 2000 version]
PowerPoint presentation for Nikidas.
Photo Jam presentation to use as a starter. (This is a zipped file -11mb but worth it!) Photos kindly provided by Machteld Baljet & Marcel Hoevenaars. (See footnote regarding copyright.) I composed the music using the instruments here!

Web links:

Web site of BBC Panorama documentary film "Gap and Nike: No Sweat"
A copy of the satirical Channel 4 program, The Mark Thomas Product "Pester Power" is available to borrow from the Clean Clothes campaign. Here is a review of the film by students
Business Week Online about the problems of the Indonesian garment industry
Currency converter to convert Rupiah into sterling / dollars
Photos of Indonesian currency
Map to show location of Bandung (click to zoom)
Trading Trainers by CAFOD The classic game is a free download
Pictures of the Java region
More pictures of the Java region
Pictures of Bandung
Sights and sounds of an Indonesian city
Information about Bandung from Wikipedia
We Are Not Machines Australia Oxfam report (Clean Clothes Campaign)
Response from Adidas to the Australia Oxfam report
nike biz Nikes official web page about factories and working conditions
Play traditional gamelan instruments online here and here.
Download traditional Indonesian music here

Other role play resources

Justbiz presents a number of excellent free role plays on their website
CAFOD have another version of Trading Trainers here
Christian Aid has also produced fine resources, several require a small payment.

The Sweat Shirts game is free for teachers to download but permission will NOT be given to repost any of the materials. The images in the PhotoJam presentation remain the property of Machteld Baljet & Marcel Hoevenaars. The game is being constantly revised so check back for the latest version.