Weather Studio

The Weather Studio is a set of interactive web pages that are designed to be projected onto an interactive whiteboard. Students can present a realistic weather forecast using the pages. There are links to a synoptic pressure chart, and the current Europe infra-red satellite image on each page, which could also be used as part of the forecast.


Weather UK   I  Weather South West  I  Weather Europe I  Weather Scotland


Drag the weather symbols from the library on the left onto the chart. Change the temperature and place names as needed. If you change your mind, drag the symbol back to the library. If any symbols seem to be missing, refresh the browser page (this will reset your map though!)


Set the resolution of your computer screen to 1024 x 764 which will allow you to build the map without scrolling. When presenting the forecast, it should be possible to hide the symbols away with just a little vertical scrolling.
If the objects don't drag, check to see that Javascript is enabled in your web browser. Unfortunately certain browsers cannot drag text boxes. The maps work best in Internet Explorer.
Open a new browser window for each map to be used in the forecast, and switch between windows rather than using the hyperlink. This will stop the maps being reset each time a new one is opened.
To use the weather studio offline, visit each of the linked pages, including the synoptic chart and satellite image, and click File / Save As / web page. This ensures that there is an up to date version of each page in your browser, ready for the lesson.
Lesson plan (word doc)


High pressure      Low pressure


BBC weather and the Met Office for text forecasts, maps, satellite images and lots more information
XC weather An interactive site that lets you plot current weather data onto a map of Britain.
Ant Veal's UK Weather Centre is a large collection of weather related links.
Really nice synoptic charts located at the RMI web site